World Dwarf Games

The World Dwarf Games are an international competition that allows little people to compete at an international level. Team Ireland first attended these games in 2009 when the competition was held in Belfast, Northern Ireland. In 2013, The games were held in Michigan in the United States and 2017 in Guelph, Canada.

The World Dwarf Games were first held in Chicago in 1993. During this inaugural games, the International Dwarf Athletic Federation (IDAF) was conceived. Since then, the World Dwarf Games have been held every four years at cities around the world. In light of the World Pandemic situation, the International Dwarf Sports Federation (IDSF) Board has decided to postpone the World Dwarf Games.

Germany will host the 8th edition of the Games in 2023, and Australia will host the 2027 World Dwarf Games.